Going Red for the first time!

In October of 2014 , at the start of the “crazy colored hair” trend , I decided I wanted to dye my hair red , more specifically, magenta. I had dyed my hair before but in relatively “safe” colors, like bergundy, or black red etc. I had concerns about bleaching my entire head of hair because I did not want to risk damaging it and having it turn into straw! Not to mention, completely falling out!

After numerous hours of “research” i.e Googling, watching You Tube videos and reading reviews , I finally settled on trying out Loreal’s Hi Color HiLights in Magenta, see below for reference.


I ordered it on Amazon and was super excited to try this out, the main reason? I did NOT have to bleach my hair first! NO pre-bleaching!! Just mix with Peroxide and voila!  The first time I used this , I used a 30 vol peroxide creme developer, the instructions on the box were very easy to follow, here are some basic tips to follow if you decide to try out this product:

  1. This dye is specifically for dark hair, this is not recommended if your hair is light brown or lighter, my natural hair is a very dark brown , almost black color. I used a 40 vol peroxide creme developer because I wanted to achieve as much lift as possible and I wanted a very vivid bright color.
  2. Please note that the higher the volume of the peroxide the MORE damaging it is to your hair, if your hair is already processed or you have previous dyes in your hair ,  would suggest you use a vol 30 or even vol 20 peroxide.
  3. Do not shampoo your hair before dying, it is best to dye your hair when it is about 2     or 3 days “old” , this way the natural oils from your scalp will protect your hair and     scalp from too much damage.
  4. You have to use SULFATE FREE shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair ,     sulfates cause color to fade, it is also a good idea to use a pre-wash treatment to            further prevent fading of color when washing your hair.
  5. Speaking of washing , do not wash your hair often, the more you wash your hair, the   quicker your color will fade. If you’ve never used Dry Shampoo before, now would be    a good time to try!

I will do a separate blog post on all the products I use to prevent fading of hair color, for this one however, let’s just cut to the chase, my hair color result can be seen below:


I was IN LOVE with this color, I finally had that perfect shade of bright bergundy red that I always wanted! Because I did not have to pre-lighten my hair (no bleach) my hair was in great condition after i colored.

Red hair color is notorious for fading very quickly, so I redyed it again in February and June with the same color, but both times I used a vol 40 peroxide developer and the color was even more brilliant, see  below:



All in all I highly recommend this line if you are looking for a change and are hesitant about bleaching your hair, the only “downside” is that the color range is very limited, it goes from blonds to browns and reds, and will work best on “virgin” hair, hair that has not been processed or pre lightened. You can check them out on the Loreal website for a full run down of all the colors, and you can purchase from Amazon (or Sally’s if you live in the United States) .

*In between the February and June period, I used Manic Panic to upkeep my color, you can check that out here:Manic Panic – The Red phase

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below!




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