Manic Panic – The Red phase

As mentioned before I used Manic Panic to upkeep my hair color when I wanted to give my hair a break from Peroxide. Manic Panic is a semi permanent , vegan, cream hair color. It’s also ammonia and peroxide free! AND they don’t test on animals!

This is a Win Win here folks!

I LOVE these products, there are so many reasons why , the color is actually conditioning, so your hair is in even better condition after you color, the variety of colors is amazing, from greens, to blues, to reds, pinks , purples and everything in between.  The good thing is that since there are no harsh chemicals, you can change your hair color how many times you want with no risk of damaging your hair.

To upkeep my red in between colorings I used Manic Panic Vampire Red and Hot Hot Pink. I bought these on Amazon.


I mixed both these colors as I wanted a “pinkish red” , you can add more pink or red to your liking. What is also great about these colors is that you can also dilute the color and make a lighter version just by adding conditioner.

Tips for using Manic Panic colors:

  1.  Shampoo and dry hair before application, preferably in warm or hot water.  Washing your hair (especially in hot water) “opens up the pores” in your hair which makes the hair absorb the color more.
  2. You can use a tinting brush to apply, but personally I prefer my hands, make sure to rub the color in, you should get a frothy consistency.
  3. Leave the color in for at LEAST half an hour, I left mine in for an hour and a half each time , this is because the longer you leave the color in , the longer it will last and the more vivid the color.
  4. When you rinse , only use cold water, DO NOT SHAMPOO OR CONDITION your hair! The color already has conditioners in it , so no need to do a separate condition, washing your hair in cold water (as well as conditioning) “seals” back up the “pores” locking in color.

Check out my post on How to Prevent fading for tips on how to keep your color for the longest possible time at the link below:

Color Upkeep Do’s and Don’ts

This was my result below:



Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments! Happy coloring!


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