How to Fade Hair Color

If you’re anything like me, you get fed up having the same hair color for too long and need to change it quite often!

The good thing about “fashion color” , which is any color out of the ordinary, is that it comes in many different temporary and semi-permanent brands. Once a color is temporary or semi-permanent, it’s possible to fade your color much quicker than having to wait for it to grow out.

There are quite a number of ways to do this, some of which I have already tried and which I am going to explain below:

  • Anti-dandruff shampoo – This is the “safest” way to fade your color, you just replace your regular shampoo with anti-dandruff shampoo such as Head and Shoulders . The good thing about this method is that it’s pretty harmless on your hair and you can repeat it as much and as often as you want. This works best when your color isn’t too old, the longer your color has been in your hair the harder it would be to fade. browse_24_collections_retina2
  • Vitamin C tablets – For this method you need to crush vitamin C tablets into a fine powder (I used the effervescent type) and mix with you shampoo, then apply to your hair and leave in for about 30 minutes before you wash out. I have used this technique numerous times , but I only left it in for about 5 minutes each time, I have also combined the Vitamin C with the Head and Shoulders shampoo for extra “power” . The major downside to this method is that Vitamin C is VERY drying to your hair , you hair will feel dry and brittle after this method , so what I would do is , after washing out the shampoo and Vitamin C from my hair I would apply a deep conditioner mask and leave for a few minutes before washing out.packs
  • Clarifying shampoo – This is the safest method to fade your color, clarifying shampoo is a special type of deep cleansing shampoo, it cleanses and “detoxifies” your hair from all styling products and everyday pollutants like smoke , dust etc. Since it’s made specifically for hair, you can be rest assured it safe to use and will not damage your hair. In order to use this to fade your color you shampoo like usual but leave it in for about 30 minutes before washing out, make sure to use conditioner afterwards as some clarifying shampoos can be a bit drying. I actually combined the clarifying shampoo with the vitamin C as well. This method works really well on recently dyed hair , I used the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair felt pretty good, but it just wasn’t strong enough to use on my blue hair (I ended up using all of these methods to get my blue dye out, more on that in another post!)
  • 2072-669730-daily-clarifying-shampoo-and-conditioner-suave-essentials
  • Bleach Wash  – Personally, I think this one was the most effective BUT it’s also the most damaging, I mean, the name says it all, Bleach . The reason it’s called a bleach wash is that it’s not pure bleach and peroxide that you are putting in your hair , it’s diluted with  shampoo, thank goodness! For this, you would need regular hair bleaching powder, I used half 20 vol and half 30vol peroxide (but you can use 10vol as well but, the higher the peroxide volume level the stronger it is, but also, the more damaging) and shampoo , your regular shampoo is fine but clarifying is better. The mixture for this is 1:2:1 . i.e equal amount of bleach powder and peroxide and twice the amount of shampoo e.g 1oz bleach + 1oz peroxide +2oz shampoo . After making your bleach wash mixture, dampen your hair, do NOT shampoo, your hair should actually be a couple days old so that the natural oils can provide some kind of protection for your hair from the bleach. Apply the mixture and let it sit in your hair , you would need to keep checking it and wash out at the desired level of lightening\fading. However, do not leave in your hair for more than 30 minutes and after rinsing be sure to apply a deep conditioner.                                                                   Do not use this method often or you will definitely end up with dry, over processed hair that when wet feels like elastic (yes , I have been there , done that and it was terrible). I would advise that if you are going this route, wait 2 weeks in between bleach washes.

There are other methods you can use to fade your color but since I have not tried them myself , I prefer not to write about them.

Here are some general tips for fading color:

  1. Always wash your hair in warm\hot water
  2. The sun or chlorine helps fade color really quickly so if you can get to a pool, you can do double duty on your hair!
  3. Salt water is also very good to fade color, so make a trip to the beach!
  4. Always, always DEEP CONDITION after every fading treatment, every single method mentioned above is very drying to your hair
  5. Wash your hair often, clarifying shampoo is best

The first pic below is when my blue hair started fading and turned teal\green, and the second pic was after numerous fading treatments and toner !



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