Product Review – Beyond the Zone Radical Hair Color Remover

A few weeks back I visited Orlando on vacation and of course I had to make a visit to one of my favorite stores, Sally’s!

I went with the intention of getting purple hair dye since that was the next color I wanted to try but at the time my hair was blue and I would have needed to get the blue out before I put the purple in to get the true color.

I asked the girl at Sally’s to recommend a color remover and she gave me this one, Beyond The Zone Radical Hair Color Remover :


Please excuse the fact that the packs are open in the picture, I forgot to take the picture before I used it.

Anyways, I used 3 packs for my hair (my hair goes down to my lower back) , there are two different ways to use this product, you can either mix each pack with 2oz of water OR 2oz of developer. You mix with water if you want a light lift, and with the developer if you want a couple levels of lift or for maximum color removal. I mixed it with vol 30 developer but that it because my hair was green by the time I was ready to use this. Always remember that the higher the volume of the peroxide , the more damaging to your hair, so depending on the health of your hair you might want to go with a volume 10 or 20 instead.

When you mix the remover with the water or developer you will get a thick creamy consistency, you then apply this on you this on your hair with a brush in sections. After applying you leave it in between 15 – 45 minutes, keep checking your hair until you see your desired level of color removal , then rinse out completely, followed by shampoo and a deep conditioner.  I left it on for about half hour after I finished applying to my hair, do NOT exceed 45 minutes.

You can see my before and after below:


As you can see, this product worked really really well, it got out alot of the blue and green although I do still have patches of “olive green” still on my hair. I highly recommend this product , its easy to use and it WORKS, and my hair felt fine afterwards, just make sure and shampoo and condition.

If you live in the United States and have access to a Sally’s Beauty Supply, you are in luck as these only cost $3.99 each, however if you live outside of the US the only place I have seen it online is on Amazon for $3.94 per pack but you have to pay shipping of $5.90 .

I have not tried any of the other brands of color remover so I cannot compare it to anything else , but this worked really well for me and was inexpensive . If you go to a salon to get color removed , this process would cost alot more. I just wish I had bought more packs =( .



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