Color Remover 2.0 – Product Review of Loreal Effasol Color Remover

Hey guys! So I got a “VAPS” last night (here in Trinidad that’s when you decide to do something on a whim without much thought of the consequences) and decided to use a color remover on my hair around 11:30 pm =\

I’ve been wanting to change my hair color to Lilac for a while now and despite my brain telling me it’s too late at night to start that process, I decided to do it anyways.

The last time I used a color remover was in September , which was actually very good , see my review Product Review – Beyond the Zone Radical Hair Color Remover . Since then I dyed my hair purple, which faded to blue , then to blue green….

I decided to try a new color remover since it was cheaper than the Beyond the Zone brand and it got higher reviews,  in a nut shell, it worked but the Loreal effasol was a bit harsher on my hair than the BTZ.

Here is what it looks like:


This product is really for Professional Use only , so it is not readily available in your usual pharmacy, I actually ordered mine on Amazon.

The instructions tell you that you can either mix with water of with 20 volume creme developer, according to how much color you have in your hair, if your color is already light, you can mix with water, if it’s dark, you will need to use the developer.

My hair was medium blue mixed with teal and shades of green (pic below) but I did not have volume 20 developer, so I used a mixture of water and 30 volume developer. My exact mixture was :

2 packs of Loreal Effasol Color Remover

2.5ozs 30 volume creme developer

2.5 ozs warm water

This was the result :


Do not apply this to clean hair! you need your hair to be at least somewhat dirty so that your hair’s natural oils can protect it from some of the chemicals in this product, it’s the same idea as using bleach .I sectioned my hair into three parts and applied the mixture with a tint brush  then left in my hair for an hour and rinsed out with a gentle shampoo followed by an argon oil treatment. Check out the before and after picture below.


Overall , it worked very well, but it definitely dries out your hair, I slept overnight with a hair masque and my hair still felt “strawish” the next day and it is still a better option than bleaching the color out.

Tonight we go lilac! or we try to at least, I’ll post the results in my next entry!


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