Purple Hair Don’t Care

So let me start by saying that Purple is one of the most gorgeous colors I ever put in my hair, I will follow that comment with ,it is also the HARDEST color to maintain. The reason is simple really, according to basic color principles, purple is made from mixing red and blue together. By logic it would stand that when purple starts to fade it will fade to whichever color pigment is stronger in the particular purple that you used.

In my case when I decided to go purple I mixed two colors , Ion Brilliance Purple and Ion Brilliance Tanzanite, see colors and swatches below:



If you are not familiar with this brand , let me be the first to tell you that their main advantage is the variety of colors that they offer, they have everything from pastels to bright vivid colors and everything in between. The other great thing about this brand is how affordable it is, I bought these on sale at Sally’s where it was buy 2 , get one free. The regular retail price was somewhere around $6US for one.

The downside of this brand is that the color is very thick and therefore hard to apply in your hair, when I say “thick” I am  not exaggerating, the texture is something similar to Pravana or peanut butter. In order for the mixture to be at a consistency which I can apply to my hair without driving myself crazy I had to mix it with conditioner (which also dilutes the color unfortunately).


The reason I decided to mix these two colors is that I wanted a true deep purple, something more along the lines of violet. The color result was amazing! I was self proclaimed Psylock from the X-Men .


The color was rich and my hair felt great, although conditioner dilutes the color, it’s fantastic for your hair, I left the color in for about 2 hours before I washed it out.  This particular shade lasted for a couple washes, but after a while started to fade to a kind of dark lavender color with some other shades of blue and green in between , which I actually loved as well…

Less than two months later I colored it again in the same exact shade of purple using the same colors , however nor more than 2 weeks later which included 3 visits to the beach and 2 pools, the purple has completely washed out and now my hair is a blue\green\grey color, which is why I say it’s the hardest to maintain (after the grey I attempted to do a while back).


This particular purple faded to blue really quickly because it had more blue pigment than red. If you are trying to decide if to go purple, by all means, try it, it’s really beautiful, just be prepared for a pretty quick fade out!

I did a write up on how to maintain your hair color here – Color Upkeep Do’s and Don’ts which I would suggest you read if you want to keep your color for as long as possible!

Good Luck and Happy Coloring! 


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