Eat , Win or Lose – Buffet Strat 101

Hey guys

So as many of you may or not know, besides shoes, hair color and weights (kind of) my one TRUE love is FOOD! I can’t help it, I’m a self confessed Foodie, and by that I mean I love trying new foods , all types and fashions  (except for live animals, I draw the line there.) One of my favorite things to do when I travel is try the local cuisine, I’m also a strong believer in “street food” , it’s where you get the authentic, real experience.

Since I am a huge fan of food, it should be expected that I love buffets right? Damn right I do! Buffets are my absolute favorite (good ones of course) and for good reason ,  a wide array of dishes, all in one place at one convenient price! What’s there not to love? Buffets can be quite daunting for many people as they are faced with such a large number of options and not quite sure how to maneuver their way to get the best experience possible. Since I was a teen I developed a “buffet strategy” if you will that enables you to experience everything the buffet has to offer and get the best value for your money (leaving the buffet without feel sick is also a plus).

Here goes my lesson on Buffet Strat 101:


  • Don’t go on a empty stomach, you should eat something small in the morning (if it’s brunch that your’e going to) or have a small lunch if it’s dinner . The reason for eating something before you go is so that your stomach is “expanded” and you are able to eat more , I find that if I go somewhere to eat on an empty stomach I am not able to eat as much as I would have normally.
  • Wear comfortable shoes (ladies I’m talking to you) , because you will be making multiple trips to the buffet and walking in heels when you are already stuffed is not a good idea.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, guys do not wear slim fit shirts or tight pants and ladies do not wear bodycon dresses or you will instantly regret it . I think it’s pretty obvious why I’m advising against tight clothes ….

WARTIME – I have attached a handy war map at the end which summarizes the below!

  • Generally a buffet has an average of 6 stations , these consist of  1) Bread Station\Salads 2) Soups\Appetizers 3) Live Entree Station – usually pasta or another carb like Noodles 4) Live Meat Carving station – usually large meat items and that are carved as you request it e.g baked whole turkey , roast beef , pork ribs etc. 5)Entrees\Sides – usually a mix of rice\potatoes\vegetable\meat dishes and lastly but definitely not least , my favorite 6) Desserts!
  • Drink Water as your beverage of choice, juice, soft drink or cocktails only distract and interfere with the real flavor of the food
  • The rules are pretty simple , tackle each station (except number 6! ) in the order above, one station at a time ,but be careful to only take small amounts of each dish , this enables you to taste everything you want to and choose which dishes you absolutely love and must have more of, yes I did say MORE.  N.B – do NOT try any dishes you aren’t even remotely interested in e.g if you don’t like beets , don’t try the beet salad . I know this seems like common sense but sometimes when you’re surrounded by so much food, your taste buds tell you to try everything but don’t. This only takes up precious space in your stomach for much more satisfying delicious items.
  • After you have  finished sampling from all the stations and figured out which dishes you like the most, you make one more round and ONLY choose those favorite dishes  , it’ll be like heaven on a plate.
  • Once you’ve had your fill of savory , you can then celebrate your victory with dessert! Again, the tactic above is repeated with the dessert station, try one or a very small piece of whatever looks absolutely scrumptious to you, decide which you like best , then go for round two of desserts of only those items!

That’s it! Victory is yours!

Below is an example of what I have eaten at a buffet before, I combined 2\3 station trips together so I only did 4 in total .

N.B This is what works for me, as I said before I do eat more than the average female , feel free to leave out rounds 5 and 7 if you want (I normally combine 2 rounds into one plate so I don’t have to walk back and forth too much ) . I do not take responsibility for anyone who ends up feeling sick! you should know your own capacity =\ .



Enjoy and remember , life is too short to not eat what you want , always in moderation of course , being healthy always comes first.



  1. Miguel · April 6, 2017

    Definitely will try at my next wedding event!!



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