Food , Food, Food – Specials and Afternoon Tea


Hey guys, so everyone has always told me that I always know where the best deals are when I’m shopping and this is no different for food, somehow I seem to know where has the best deals for food and when…go figure.

Anyways, I decided to compile all that I know of into one place, for everyone’s benefit , including my own. I will try to update as often as possible so it’s up to date, feel free to add in your own in the comments if you know of any, I would gladly add in more!

These are the permanent offers at these locations, the special offers that randomly pop up and last a week or two will not be here, I don’t have time to be updating this constantly ,sorry ! But I did put a link to each facebook page so you can check for yourselves .

Stay tuned for another post on the various Buffet and Brunch options in Trinidad as well as Great “cheap” food options!



La Cantina

Every Thursday , Taco Thursdays Taco buffet, $99 + VAT + Service Charge per person , 4pm-10pm (Beef , Pork, Chicken and Fish ) includes one free Carib or Stag draft

All Out – Every Monday – $100 for any pizza, all taxes included

Dominos –      Two For Tuesday – Buy any large 3 topping pizza and get a                                                          FREE large 1 topping pizza

Daily Lunch Specials – personal one topping pizza and a drink for $35.

Papa John’s –   Monday Madness – purchase any Large Specialty pizza and get a Medium                             one topping pizza free

Pizza Hut –      Weekday Lime – 1 Large stuffed crust pizza, 10 breadsticks and  2L Pepsi                               for $149 , Monday – Thursday

Triple Treat Box – 3 Large Specialty pizzas OR 2 Large Specialty pizzas, 10                              breadsticks + 1 Hershey’s cookie OR 1 Large Specialty Pizza , 1 pair Tuscan                            Pastas , 10 breadsticks and 1 Hershey’s cookie for $299

Quik Slice –      Monday Madness – Any slice of pizza for $19.99 or any Whole Pizza for                                    $99.99

Lunch Special – 1 slice of pizza and a drink for $30 , offer only valid on                                    DDI, Red Woman and Ash Wednesday slice.

Mario’s – Sundays – Purchase one Family Lime and get a one topping Family Pizza for $15



Hotel Normandie – Every Wednesday 4:30pm-6:30pm

                                     $30.00 – 1 sweet & 1 savoury item
                                     $75.00 – 3 sweet & 3 savoury items
                                     $95.00 – 5 sweet & 5 savoury items
                                     $125.00 – 9 sweet & 9 savoury items

Caffe Del Mare$80 + VAT +Service Charge per person includes 2 beverages and one of                                    the following options:

   OPTION 1 – Smoked Salmon and Veggie mini Quiche, Tuna Sandwich,                                      Mushroom and Cheese purse ,  Rasberry and White Chocolate eclairs                                      and Cinnamon Crunch Scones


  OPTION 2 – Chicken and Veggie mini Quiche, Ham and Honey Mustard                                   sandwich , Mushroom and Cheese purse, Lemon tea cakes, Cinnamon                                     Crunch Scones

There is also the option for a Cucumber sandwich for vegetarians.                                  

P.S You need to make reservations 48 hours in advance and has to be                                      a minimum of 4 persons.

Dianne Tea Shop$135 + VAT + Service Charge

Surprise bread selection of open or finger sandwiches, smoked                                                 salmon, cucumber or classic egg salad




Chaud – Tuesday to Friday prix fixe lunch menu – 12pm – 3pm – $295 + Service Charge                       per person

Includes your choice of a  Starter, Main Course and Dessert , glass of Wine,                           Coffee or Tea

Krave – Meal of the Month – prix fixe menu – $225 + VAT + Service Charge per person

Includes your choice of Appetiser, Main Course and Dessert

Sails Restaurant – Weekly daily lunch specials, different option each day  – $50

All Out – Daily lunch buffet , Monday –  Friday 12:00pm – 3:00pm – $100 per person all                        taxes included


Caffe Del Mare –  Weekend Special – $99 per person plus VAT and Service Charge                                                 Entree – Pink Salmon Quiche with Fruit Salsa OR Quiche Lorraine with                                   Garden Salad

Dessert – Guinness Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting OR Caramel                                      Apple Crumble Cheescake

Drinks – Innocent Mai Tai OR Sparkling Mocktail

 Jardin – Every Tuesday , all things chocolate are 1/2 price!



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